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About Us

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Hummingbird Haven takes you back to a time when life was simpler. With no TV or internet, the cabin is a sweet disconnection from technology. Cell phones do not work in the cabin, but do work at the end of the driveway. Our landline is available for emergncies. There is running water, and an indoor bathroom! Hairdryer, shampoo and conditioner are provided. Good tasting, tested, spring water flows from the tap. An on-demand water heater, ensures plenty of hot water for well used muscles, after a long bike ride. There is a radio, board games, and some cellphone service on the porch. It is a quiet place, except for the the rich sounds of nature. Over 40 different birds frequent the haven. The cabin was built in 1952 by a fellow named Squeamy Womack. (Can't you just hear his mother saying, "Squeamy Alexander, you get in here right now and clean up your room!") Squeamy was an accomplished builder for the cabin survived the tornado of 2008. 

We have a queen, comfortable bed in the bedroom, a single bed and a futon in the living room. Well behaved pets are allowed. Cupboards and refrigerator are stocked with breakfast foods and various items for your use. Hummingbird Haven is used as a place to rest on a journey, but also as a place to heal, to reflect, to study, to create and a place to celebrate life with loved ones. Honeymooners return on anniversaries, families enjoy holidays here and friends meet here to renew relationships. The cabin is yours alone to enjoy. We love this place, the serenity that comes with simplicity and nature. We invite you to share it with us. We enjoy our guests and are available for as much or as little interaction as you like.

P.S. We have a dog with a big bark. Her name is Patches and she's friendly, but could be skittish with you at first.

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